Reasons Why I Would Go Back To Yosemite National Park

For a person who loves visiting National Parks, Yosemite will always be on their wishlist. Which is why, I couldn’t wait to visit Yosemite. And when I did visit Yosemite back in May 2019, I simply fell in love with it. All the good things that I had heard about it, turned out to be true. The majestic Half Dome, the great granite wall of El Capitan, the beautiful Yosemite Valley. Everything about Yosemite is just magical.

During my 3-day visit, we spent 2 days just hiking – The hike to Nevada Falls and the hike to Upper Yosemite Falls. But due to bad weather conditions, we had to spend 1 day at Groveland – where our Airbnb was located. Although this short trip of ours was quite good – say 7/10 – it was still far from being perfect – 10/10. Here’s a few reasons why I would go back to Yosemite to get that 10/10-satisfactory feeling.

The Hikes

One of the biggest reasons why National Park fans, like me, love visiting Yosemite is not just because of the number of hikes but also because how each hike varies in terms of difficulty, views and the experiences. For instance, the hike to Vernal Falls via Mist Trail has completely different experience when you compare it to, say, the hike to Lower/Upper Yosemite Falls.

As a result, when we visited Yosemite, our first priority was to do the Half Dome-Cables. A part of this hike involves climbing all the way to the top of the Half Dome – 4,800 Feet above the Yosemite valley – using the support of the cables. Which is why it’s considered to one of most dangerous hikes in the US. But, unfortunately, we weren’t lucky enough to score the permits, so we had to settle with the hikes we ended up doing.

Half Dome Cables

Another hike that’s on my list is the Cloud’s Rest Trail. This trail, 12.3 Miles long changes 3,113 Feet in elevation, gives you a stunning view of the valley, but from the other end (not the one from which you usually enter the valley).

Since we couldn’t get to do the two hikes on my list on our first visit, I would love to go back to Yosemite to check it off.

The Weather

As previously mentioned in brief, the weather we had during our visit wasn’t perfect. During our 3-day trip, on our hikes, we had a good weather going into the trail, but it just got worse on our way out. Not to mention, there was a snow-storm on the 2nd day of our visit, which meant we didn’t even enter the park and had to spend our day chilling at our Airbnb – which honestly, wasn’t bad.

The important reason behind have a good weather – clear skies and sunny – is because, the true beauty of Yosemite, comes out only in the good weather (see pictures below for reference). Also, no one likes it when it starts raining when you’re out.

And this is the second reason why I would love to visit Yosemite again just to experience what it is like to see it on a good weather day.

To Watch The Viewpoints We Missed

As per our initial plan, we spread our activities across the 3-day trip in such a way that, we would do hikes on alternate days, and spend a day going out to different viewpoints. Doing so, we would give our bodies much needed rest from the hikes. But as previously mentioned, due to bad weather, we couldn’t follow our initial plan. As a result, we ended up missing a few viewpoints, the most famous one being, The Glacier Point.

This is one of the reasons why I would go back to Yosemite, to make up for the day that got wasted due to the bad weather, and cover all the recommended viewpoints.

It Is Just So Beautiful

This should probably be on the top of the list. To be honest, even if I went back to Yosemite, and did all of what I mentioned above, I would still want to for the third time and many more. It is just so beautiful. Even something as simple as sitting in the Valley with your loved ones, having a nice picnic day with a beautiful weather would still be more than enough to get over your daily 9-5 routine and your struggles.

Which is why, although this destroys the purpose of this post but, I actually do not need a reason or an excuse to visit this wonderful place.

Thank you for reading! Please let me know in the comments if you liked my post.


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