How I Got Rewarded For Flying With Spirit Airlines

Yes, you read it right. I got rewarded for using Spirit Airlines. The same airline that offers a cheap travel experience for cheap fares.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines, is beloved by some – like me, and hated by others. For someone who travels as frequently as I do, Spirit Airlines will actually help you save a LOT of money, provided you’re ready for some compromises. For those who have never flown with Spirit, these compromises include uncomfortable seats, no free carry-on, you’ve to pay for a cup of water, bad customer services, and lots more. But again, if you want to save about $200 per trip and don’t mind making these compromises, then Spirit is the way to go!

Cheap Fares Everytime

In the past year and a half alone, I’ve flown 8 times with Spirit. These trips have ranged from a 2-hour flight to a 4-hour flight each way, and trust me, I’ve NEVER paid more than $200-$250 on a round-trip even though I was flying on the weekends. The cheapest ticket I scored was $24 one-way ticket to Las Vegas from Houston. Plus, I enrolled into the $9 Fare Club membership which helped me save even more on the fares on select flights, and discounted baggage fees.

The Main Reward

In the beginning of 2020, I was looking to purchase a magazine subscription of Travel+Leisure which costs $12/Yr. and includes 12 issues i.e. 1/month. I almost went ahead with the subscription, but then I backed out at the last minute. Thinking that I would purchase it at a later time.

Yesterday, out of blue, I received a notification from Spirit in my mail which said I had accrued over 5,000 miles which are going to expire at the end of March. Usually I don’t care about notices like these because Spirit Airlines provides one of the worst mileage redemption program – you can only redeem miles on air tickets. Well, that’s what I thought. Apparently, there’s another option that you can choose.

This other option is to redeem my miles for more than one magazines of my choice until the amount of miles that I had allowed me to. The mail notification provided a list of magazine names that I could choose from and the corresponding amount of miles that it would cost me. As I skimmed through the list, I found the magazine that I had wanted for a long time. Yes, it was Travel+Leisure.

The mileage redemption program offered the Travel+Leisure magazine subscription for just 700 miles, for 24 issues. Without thinking twice, I immediately selected the magazine that I had ALWAYS wanted to purchase. At that very moment, I felt thankful that I didn’t go through with the purchase of the same magazine early in the year AND I was also thankful that I didn’t throw away the mail without reading(which I always do).

As for the remaining amount of miles, ~ 4,300, I decided to go with 228 issues of The Wall Street Journal for 4,100 miles, and 6 issues of Midwest Living for 200 miles.

Once I was done selecting the magazines, I received a confirmation email within minutes. Now, I just have to wait for about 3-4 weeks until I get an issue of any of the magazines I chose.


So, other than getting getting rewarded by getting guaranteed cheap fares every single time, I also got to make use of the mileage program in the most desired way possible.

Thank you for reading my Blog Post. Please let me know in the comments if you liked it


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